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Opportunities Abound for Activated Carbon in the Global Market Supported by Stringent Environmental Remediation Regulations

The global market for Activated Carbon is projected to reach 3.3 million metric tons by 2025, driven by stringent environmental regulations governing water and air purification, growing demand for clean potable water across the world and rapid industrial growth of Asia and other emerging markets.
Activated carbon is an ubiquitous material finding usage in a myriad of applications ranging from water treatment, air purification, to food & beverage processing, medical & pharmaceuticals production and automotive emission canisters, among others. Global market for activated carbon is driven by stringent environmental regulations concerning water and air purification, increasing in purging heavy metal residues in industrial pollutants, and the rapid industrial growth of Asia and other emerging markets. Demand for Activated carbon is expected to benefit from demand in motor vehicle emission canisters as a result of new environmental regulations and rebounding automobile production. Th…

Critical Importance of Assaying in Research & Diagnostic Applications Drives Growth in the Global Immunoassay Systems Market

The global market for Immunoassay Systems is projected to reach US$31.6 billion by 2025, driven by critical importance of assaying in research and diagnostic applications amid growing emphasis on early diagnosis of disease conditions and development of novel biomarkers. Improving access to healthcare and testing services in developing countries is another major market driver.
Immunoassays are test procedures based on the specific immuno-reaction between an antibody and an antigen, for the determination of amount of an analyte in a test sample. Thanks to the steady expansion in immunodiagnostics, biomarker research programs, and technological advancements in the overall healthcare industry, world market for immunoassays systems evolved remarkably over the years, and continues to project a favorable outlook for the future. Rising incidence of debilitating conditions, such as diabetes, cardio-vascular ailments, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, allergy and cancer, fuelled the de…

Increasing Prevalence of Dental Diseases & Ensuing Increase in Demand for Dental Procedures to Drive Growth in the Global Dental Surgical Equipment Market

The global market for Dental Surgical Equipment is projected to reach US$5.9 billion by 2025, driven by the rising prevalence of dental diseases and the ensuing increase in demand for dental treatments, increasing popularity of cosmetic dental procedures, launch of technologically advanced surgical equipment and tools and dental tourism trend in developing economies.
Oral health is an essential constituent of overall health and quality of life. Despite significant improvements in oral health, rising prevalence of dental diseases owing to poor dental hygiene and sugary diets remains a major health concern in both developed and developing economies. Expanding edentulous population, improper eating habits, growing acceptance of cosmetic dentistry, expanding elderly population and increased awareness about oral hygiene are leading to a significant increase in demand for dental procedures, thus driving growth in the market for dental surgical equipment and supplies. Dental practitioners use…

Government Regulations on Clean Air and Strong Investments in Clean Energy Technologies to Drive the Global Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Market

The global market for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) is projected to reach US$3.1 billion by 2025, driven by the ever increasing demand for electricity across the globe and rising focus on clean energy and renewable energy production.
A type of fuel cell technology, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) generates energy by electrochemical conversion. The technology therefore finds attractive application in the energy generation industry. As a reliable, environment-friendly and low cost source of energy with long-term stability and sustainability, SOFC is poised to witness robust growth in the coming years. With per-capita consumption of electricity on the rise worldwide, the need to increase electricity production has become a top priority for governments across the globe. As governments seek to balance energy self-sufficiency goals and commitment to climate change agreements, SOFC is soaking up the spotlight as a clean technology of the future. By boosting electricity generation capabilities …