Global shipments of Vinyl Prime Windows are projected to exceed 211.9 million units by 2025, driven by growing investments in energy efficient building products and solutions chiefly for their ability to bring in high ROI benefits. Recovering construction activity in most countries across the global and the huge opportunities in the retrofit market driven by global ‘green’ building standards will also influence growth in the market. Recovery in construction which began in 2011 in the aftermath of the great recession is continuing even today, albeit with slight bumps and turns. This is largely because of the success with which the industry has and continues to evolve and adapt to changes in labor availability, technology and economic turmoil. Digital technologies for concept, design, engineering and building; rise of AR/VR in digital construction; connected construction; smart on-site equipment; increase in modular and prefabricated construction; use of Building Information Monitoring (BIM), automation , robotics, AI, Drones and 3D Printing etc. have helped the industry fight the changing economic realities and remain afloat. Healthy outlook for global investments in construction technologies (Contech) also bodes well for the overall outlook for the construction industry in 2020. The scenario is poised to generate stable opportunities for all players in the construction value chain, including construction materials. High degree of versatility and flexibility means vinyl windows can be easily customized to non-standard sized and shaped windows. Demand also will benefit from the growing trend towards green buildings; and favorable government support for sustainable and energy-efficient construction. Read More…


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