The global market for Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) is projected to reach US$1.2 billion by 2025, driven by the growing ubiquity of polymers as advanced materials used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products. Ranging from plastics, nylon, polyethylene, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, polytetrafluoroethylene to epoxy, synthetic polymers are omnipresent and quite literally are indispensable in modern life. Characteristics of polymers that make them important materials of the 21st century include resistance to a wide range of chemicals; thermal and electrical insulation properties; lightweight; high mechanical strength; and extreme flexibility in processing. Another key reason for the ubiquity of polymers is the limitless potential in expanding polymer product possibilities by manipulating the molecular structure of polymers and by adding myriad fillers, reinforcements and additives. The global push towards substitution of paper, metals, wood and glass with polymers is additionally driving their use and ubiquity worldwide. Packaging, automobiles and healthcare are major emerging markets for polymers. Under this scenario durability of polymers is gaining increased attention. Behavior of polymers such as physical aging, and degradation process/mechanisms are attracting increased R&D with these materials finding increased use in critical applications such as in photovoltaic modules, in construction in the form of structural polymers, in aerospace for aircraft components, in medical equipment, among others. Also, polymers are increasingly being used applications that require exposure to extreme temperatures and chemical environments, thereby putting higher stress on polymers and their durability. Against this backdrop, service life prediction is becoming increasingly important. Read More…


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