The global market for Drone Identification Systems is projected to reach US$45.4 billion by 2025, driven by the growing need for new rules, safety and security protocols as drones begin to swarm the modern skies. The era of small flying objects is close at hand with commercial applications of drones gaining new ground and momentum. Few of the emerging applications for commercial drone include use of drones for generating video tours for customers in real estate; drone based surveillance; drones for environmental monitoring; drones for oil & gas pipeline inspections; agricultural drones for crop spraying; drone based same-day delivery of e-commerce orders; drones for land surveying, search and rescue; drones for emergency response services; and drones for road construction and other infrastructure projects. Few of the factors helping make these applications a commercial reality include developments in drone hardware; rise of drones-as-a-service business models; new innovations in drone camera, vision systems and sensors; drone software platform development, data analytics and data management; and increased venture capital investments in drone technology. With falling costs, commercial and recreation uses of drones will grow further. As the number of drones flying in the sky, dangers and risks also rise in parallel. These include increased risk of collision with other aircraft; drones alias UAVs have a small form factor and low profile electromagnetic signature escapes traditional radar detection; increased use of drones for smuggling drugs across borders and for other illegal activities; development of weaponized drones and rise in drone terrorism and for reconnaissance which is already becoming a reality. Even for legalized uses, drone traffic management, drone flight permissions and monitoring system is paramount to safety. Read More…


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