The global market for Modular Laboratory Automation is projected to reach US$4.2 billion by 2025, driven by the growing value of a modular and integrated approach to automation. Benefits of modular concepts in automation include greater process flexibility such as effortless scaling up and scaling down of processes to meet changing workload needs; greater ability to redeploy or reposition key operational assets; investment flexibility as the automation process can be segmented and implemented in a piecemeal basis; lower costs associated with standardized maintenance; development of additional modules can be carried out seamlessly and in a cost effective; increased efficiency and productivity and lesser time-to-market. For laboratories, automation is a critical survival technology against the backdrop of intensifying competition as clinical diagnostics increasingly becomes a key component in the healthcare value game. As the starting point for effective treatment, medical diagnostics play a key role in the provision of healthcare services. The sector therefore faces intense challenges of delivering and demonstrating value to the wider healthcare system. Margin pressure as a result is increasing by the day. Also, given that in the new value based care model, reimbursement is based on quality of service offered to patients and the resulting patient outcome, laboratories are coming under pressure to find new ways to enhance productivity and to gain greater recognition for their contribution towards improving patient outcomes and reducing treatment costs. Budgetary outlays for automation is therefore increasing. However complete automation remains expensive and in the United States alone, only less than 15% of laboratories can afford total laboratory automation systems. Read More…


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