The global market for Power Management System is projected to reach US$5.7 billion by 2025, driven by digitalization, electronification and electrification trends sweeping through industries ranging from automotive, maritime transport, oil & gas, mining, heavy engineering to process manufacturing. In sync with digital maturity, electrification and digitalization of everything (DOE) is hitting a peak. On the back of this digital transformation comes the critical need for power management to ensure optimum utilization of power by electrical and electronic systems. With automation, robotics and IoT connectivity proliferating in smart factories around the world, there is a critical need to ensure robustness of electrical systems. Power management systems, in this regard, help improve reliability of electrical distribution and optimize consumption. Plant assets involving hydraulics, electric motors, electrical generators, turbines, and electrical heavy machinery need a mechanism for monitoring power consumption and usage by these myriad equipment. Power management systems enable intelligent monitoring of energy consumed by various electronic/electrical systems; deploy automatic enforcement of power management scheme; ensures timely identification of unusual power consumption patterns and inefficiencies in the system; ensures safety; lowers costs and safeguards against blackouts and unscheduled downtime of assets. Electronification and electrification of vehicles along with the impending commercialization of autonomous cars are pushing up the importance of on-board power management systems for vehicles in the automotive sector. Similarly, the maritime transport industry is also throwing up attractive opportunities for growth supported by a large global maritime transport fleet and an encouraging outlook for seaborne trade. Read More…


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